Christmas in the Eyes of a Child

I love the Christmas song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.   Not just because it is a time when the best comes out in most of us but for every wonderful childhood memory that every Christmas brings to mind.
Recently, my niece, Ashley told me that her oldest little girl, Gentry, accidentally spied one of her Christmas presents and quickly Ashley and Sean had to come up with a reason that it wasn’t for her.
Even tho, Santa (aka: Ashley & Sean) had already made the trip to the store and tried his best to hide the evidence !!  gentry-tenley
So me being the Great Aunt now, I love hearing the little stories that Gentry and Tenley seem to come up with. It sounds like to me that Ashley & Sean are being kept pretty busy with of what Santa Should and should not be doing.
Have you ever just sat and listened to the stories of a child at Christmas? Their little imaginations run wild and everything is much bigger than it is for us as adults now.
I remember childhood Christmases of my own. I always looked forward to the visits from Santa and every Christmas was always special. Wonderful favorite foods and cookies, visits to my grandparents with more food and presents. When I was little, Christmas Eve was always with my mothers parents, aunts, uncles and cousins and Christmas Day was always with my Dads parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I still remember Christmas afternoons watching tv and playing at Grandma and Grandpa Jackson’s, while being onery and most likely getting Uncle Tony into trouble !!!
I’ll admit it, I was an mischievous little girl but boy I sure had a lot of fun !!
When Ashley told me about the gift incident with Gentry, I had to laugh and share a funny Christmas story about myself. So now, Ill share it with you !!
I remember it like it was yesterday, I was about 8 or 9 years old and the excitement of Christmas was all around. I had made my list and my friend, Kris and I had scanned all the catologs for the best picture of the Chrissy Doll I was after.  chrissy-doll
We were on the edge on the Santa thing, we were finding out that Santa was getting help from our folks and we began to keep our eyes out for any clues we could find on the subject.
One day, while in the walk-in closet at my house, I saw the Chrissy Doll trying to hide in box on a high shelf. Being my onery self, I climbed to the high shelf got the doll in the box down, played with her and carefully put her back in the box to wait for Santa to bring her.

I even remember calling my friend Kris and telling her the news.  I recently mentioned the story to my parents after telling Maria and Ashley.  Dad remembered it but my mother said she didn’t remember. Ha Ha, I think she remembered but didn’t want to say !!  I guess at least I can admit it now.   LOL !

Christmas in the Eyes of a Child….Visions of Sugarplums dance in their heads.

Aren’t memories wonderful?? …. Now, I wonder where Ron is keeping his stash of gifts?  I must go, my mischievousness is coming out !!  I’ll let you know if I find something, take it out of the box, enjoy it and put it back before he gets home !!

Enjoy your journey!  My journey gets more wonderful each day.

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