57 Years


57 Years ~

By Michelle Urban

This week my parents celebrated their 57th Wedding Anniversary.  57 years.  That is a wonderful accomplishment.  Our world has changed so much in those 57 years.  Some things for the better and some things not so much.  But one that has never changed is the love and respect that I have for these two wonderful people that brought me into this world.

When my parents got married all those years ago, Dwight D. Eisenhower was our President.  Minimum wage was $1.00 per hour, gasoline was .25 and a Chevrolet Kings Wood Station Wagon was $2,970.  My how times have changed since 1959.

When my parents were first married, they lived in a trailer home.  My mother made all the curtains and slip covers for the furniture.  They did not have a car and walked to work. When they retired a few years ago, they both retired from jobs that they had when they got married.

None of this sounds like the way we live today.  Modern conveniences have changed the way we live now compared to 1959.

My parents have worked very hard all throughout their lives.  While holding down full time jobs, raising me and living the trials of daily life, they many times found extra jobs for extra money.  I’m sure it was never an easy day or task but they moved on and walked their journey together.

The example they set for me was to work hard, do your best, be strong and carry on.  Nothing was ever a failure.  We are proud of you, they would say to me, as long as you try your best the rest is easy.

There was never a silver spoon, hard work, determination, love, support and knowing that they are always there when I call and ready to support me, my husband and daughter in any of our endeavors makes both my parents and us rich, as much as if we would have gold in our pockets.

It is a gift each day see my parents or hear them on the phone.  It is a gift to be able to make them so happy with a small remembrance.  It is a gift to be able watch them walk hand in hand.  None of these cost physical money but all of these are what makes us very rich and wealthy.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad !!  Thank you for being my number #1 fan.

Love You to the Moon and Back a Million Times!

2 thoughts on “57 Years”

  1. Michelle, what a wonderful tribute to two of the nicest people I know. You are a good daughter, raised by good parents. Gloria and I always tell each other, “Oh the things we’ve been through, but we always have our friendship.” That also sums up their marriage. Congratulations, Corky and Gloria!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to Corky and Gloria! There aren’t many couples made from that mold! May God Bless them with many more years together!

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