Opening the Next Door

Once in a while we need to step away from our daily routine and really take a good look at what we mean to accomplish with our work and talents. It seems our lives are so busy anymore that we move from one task to another and really never stop to look at ourselves or the task. Our work and talents become mundane and meaningless to us and begin to believe they are this to others also. We do them because we have always done them or because we just don’t know how to change.
And then… a door closes. Sometimes, we don’t know what to do when the door is suddenly closed on us. Sometimes another door opens quickly and we move on barely noticing the change. But then, there are the times that the door remains closed. Sometimes days, sometimes weeks or months and in some , cases, years.

Recently, a door closed for me that left me with a heavy heart. Even after much prayer and sure that I was making a good choice that would help me later, I felt heavy hearted.
I stayed with my prayer. I continued to ask for guidance. I followed the path that was to bring me peace, or so I thought.
Today, the door that closed reopened. As it opened, it brought peace, love and joy into my heart. The sun wasn’t shining today but I could not tell it from how my heart felt so happy.
I can conquer anything with a smile, a hug and my walk with our heavenly King.
Thank you, again, Mom and Dad for bringing me up in a good Christian home. That’s one door that will never close.

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