Gratitude – Isn’t God Amazing !!

I have a favorite little saying I say to my daughter or put on my facebook page now and again of things I am always grateful for. It usually goes something like this:
My favorite sound is the sound of my daughters laugh, my favorite touch is my husbands hand in mine, my favorite smell is my mothers covergirl makeup and my favorite sight is watching my parents walking together hand in hand.
While I am grateful for the many blessings in my life, and there are so many !, I am especially grateful for these.
These special blessings that I have named here are each something I can touch, hear, feel and see and they are also special in that none of these can be bought. They are special to me and me only.
Isn’t God Amazing??!!!
Gratitude is really a feeling of true appreciation or thanks. Simple things really mean so much to those around you yet, it is the simple things that make our lives so wonderful. We just need to open our eyes, ears, hearts and hands and find them.

I am grateful too for you.
Until Next Week…. XOXO Michelle


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